Checking in, staying safe.

Good evening everyone,

I did wonder about the best way to do this blog. Until as recently as a couple of days ago I’d written something very different. Anyway, I filmed a little IGTV video on Instagram tonight that I think for once, does justice better than written words:

So, to sum up / reiterate a few pointers:

  • #TweetHeeHee posts will be off the blog for a while whilst I take a step back from using Twitter. I am only going to be contactable here or on my Instagram.
  • All other regular weekly blog post series – #GoodNewsWeek, Story of Pop 2000, #SongoftheWeek etc will continue, as will reviews, and other features. Lord knows we need some stability.
  • I am thinking of something to replace #TweetHeeHee pro temp with that is still light hearted for Mondays. Will have a definitive answer on my Instagram – same handle as Twitter, @ThePensmith10 – over the weekend.
  • As I am working from home, and thus walking long distances a lot less, my Marie Curie ‘Step Into Spring’ challenge that I was doing in memory of my late uncle this month will just be a general fundraiser for them now. If you are able to donate or sponsor me on JustGiving for this the link to do so is here.
  • Finally, but perhaps most importantly. Stay safe. Look after yourselves. Look after each other. Be kind and show kindness, even if from the same screen you’re reading this from now. And above all else, have hope and positivity about you always. And don’t forget laughter and love. Always have that and hold onto it.

Much love always,



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