The Good News Week (26/02/2020)


Good evening one and all – hope your week is going well so far! Time as always to bring you our look at three inspiring and uplifting stories making news headlines as we always do every Wednesday, with The Good News Week.

If you enjoy the stories we’ve found this week, let us know – remember this is a place for you to share any good news you find too, be it local or national – and from wherever in the world you are!

If you find something positive in the news that you think we should feature on next week’s blog, then you can leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoodNewsWeek!


First to BBC News this week, and whilst many communities up and down the country continue to be battered by and feel the effects of recent storms and floods, one such community in Pentre, Shropshire, are being helped in an ingenious way by the landlord of the local pub. See more here.


On CNN this week, there’s a report on the MDC (Missouri Department of Conservation) and how their deer hunters have donated 350k of venison meat to help the efforts of food banks and pantries across the state this winter, as part of the ‘Share the Harvest’ programme. Read more about their incredible efforts here.


Finally, on ABC News this week, the story of Brian Bononi, an architect from Kansas City, who has been embarking on a one man mission to reunite families with countless photos, canvas and commemorative pieces left behind in a recently closed photography store. Take a closer look at the full picture (pardon the pun) here.

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