#SongoftheWeek: Jordan Mackampa – ‘Magic’

  • ARTIST: Jordan Mackampa
  • SONG: Magic


Jordan Mackampa is one of those rare artists that comes along every so often, who you can’t place to any one specific time, as they have such a timeless sound from the off.

After releasing two EPs that have amassed over 55m streams on Spotify, the Coventry based singer-songwriter is releasing his debut album next month, of which ‘Magic’ is the aptly named first single.

He’s an old soul on young shoulders, citing Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye as influences. But this playful and catchy little track actually owes more than a little to Stan Getz-Gilberto’s bossa nova sounds of the 60s.

You might want to mark your watches as to where you were when you first heard Jordan Mackampa, as ‘Magic’ looks like it could be the sound of this spring and beyond.

‘Magic’ is available to stream and download now, and Jordan’s debut album ‘Foreigner’ is released on 13th March, both via AWAL Recordings. Twitter: @JordanMackampa

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