#SongoftheWeek: No Rome feat. Dijon – ‘Trust3000’


  • ARTIST: No Rome feat. Dijon
  • SONG: Trust3000


A small disclaimer, readers. The older we, the present writer get, the more aware of the fact we sound decidedly less hip when introducing a new name in music then we did say, a decade ago, particularly when the artist in question is already hotly tipped by blogs more trendier than ours. So with that in mind, bear with as we introduce you to the fresh new sound of No Rome.

Born Guendoline Rome Viray Gomez, this London based, Philippines born singer, songwriter and instrumentalist released his first EP titled ‘Fantasy’ seven years ago, but it’s looking very likely that 2020 is the year he’s going to break through into the charts in a big way.


‘Trust3000’ is being pushed as his current single, and is a collaboration with up and coming vocalist Dijon. The track, about finding trust in a long distance relationship, is a beguiling mix of chilled out trip hop, R&B and electronic sounds and a chorus that slowly ekes it’s way into your cranium but not to the point of irritation.

In fact, it’s got something that his bigger name contemporaries like Drake or Kanye West have severely lacked for all their algorithm-friendly ubiquity in the last few years: namely, a sense of melody and musicianship, and the potential to be at the centre of a fresh new sound for a new decade. Keep your eye on No Rome – like his namesake, his success might not be built in a day, but over the next twelve months he’s set to conquer all.

‘Trust3000’ is available to stream and download now via Dirty Hit. Twitter: @no_rome

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