#SongoftheWeek: Niall Horan – ‘Put A Little Love On Me’


  • ARTIST: Niall Horan
  • SONG: Put A Little Love On Me


Fresh from winning Man of the Year in our annual End of Year Prizes, Niall Horan only has the honour of being the man behind our first brand new #SongoftheWeek for 2020. Some guys have all the luck, eh?

The follow up to his chart slaying comeback single ‘Nice to Meet Ya‘ from October – and second from his forthcoming new album – is a revelation and then some. Not an upbeat belter this one.

Instead we’re dealing with a sensitively sung but beautiful ballad that has just the lightest touch of a 60s feel to it with its muted shuffly drums, and Niall singing all on his tod about the pain of loneliness/wanting a special someone in his life.

Possibly because of its release at the beginning of December, promotion and attention to ‘Put A Little Love On Me’ has – perhaps wisely – been quite muted for this so far, save for a stunning performance on Saturday Night Live that he recently guested on over in America. We watch the progress of this one with interest, as it could be one of the first big hits of this new decade.

‘Put A Little Love On Me’ is available to stream and download now via Capitol Records. Twitter: @NiallOfficial

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