The Story of Pop: 2000 (Chapter 1)


Hello one, hello all – and welcome to our first blog post of a new year and new decade! Today we begin The Story of Pop: 2000. Following on from our successful series about 1999 last year, every Thursday at midday we’ll be boarding our pop tardis back to two whole decades ago, to revisit the sights and sounds of the UK charts as we entered a new millennium. Time to start the story then, so here’s our first classic hit from 2000…


So. 2000. The new millennium. A year of fresh new hopes and possibilities. But the start of this year was a little bit different than usual where the music business was concerned. Out of fears surrounding Y2K fever and the Millennium bug – which went the way of all flesh minutes past midnight, when it became apparent we weren’t on the verge of destruction and global pandemonium – the industry pretty much took the whole of January off.

It thus means that for the first few weeks of this series, the records we’ll be covering were ones that had already been released at the tail end of 1999, but were only just gaining a second wind in the absence of much challenging new product and the usual post-Christmas hits drop off. In fact we’ve got to wait until the end of this month for one of the first big hits belonging wholly to this year.

But back to today, and to Canadian trip-hop indie pop collective Len. Their debut single ‘Steal My Sunshine’, a slice of Californian sun in a typically chilly British winter, had already been a massive hit across the pond, and that translated into an instant top 10 hit upon its release in early December 1999 here in the UK.

It meandered around the top 20 for Christmas, before rebounding in spectacular style to its peak of #8 once the new millennium arrived, selling over 400,000 copies in the process. They did however prove to be one hit wonders – follow up single ‘Cryptik Souls Crew’ could only make #28 in May. If we were going to kick off this series with any song, I’m glad it was this one – just blast this today and pretend it’s not grey and cold outside.

Don’t forget to follow our brand new playlist on Spotify – updated weekly so you never miss a song from the story of pop in 2000. And you can leave your memories of the songs below in the comments or Tweet us, using the hashtag #StoryofPop2000.

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