#12ListsofChristmas: Day 8


Welcome to our daily dose of festive based lists that we like to call #12ListsofChristmas – we are now at Day 8 in our countdown.

As always, you can comment below or Tweet us using our hashtag #12ListsofChristmas. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know. Here comes today’s list…


  1. Visiting an ice rink (The Natural History Museum is always a good shout)
  2. Going to a Christmas market
  3. Reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens
  4. Attending a carol concert
  5. Making paper snowflakes (hours of endless fun)
  6. Performing an act of kindness for someone in need of support, love, or just general appreciation
  7. Singing a Christmas song in a public place with wild abandon. Silly dance encouraged
  8. Wearing a Christmas jumper. The more ridiculous the better
  9. Writing Christmas cards
  10. A brisk winter’s walk in the country
  11. Cosying up by a fire with a hot chocolate
  12. Going to a pantomime. Great fun (Oh no it isn’t! – Fun Ed)

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