The Story of Pop: 1999 – Bonus Tracks

OK. So we’re not quite done yet. As a little thank you for all the lovely feedback I’ve had on this series, here’s one more special post for you. A collection of 12 songs that were also hits in 1999, which I didn’t have time for on the main series.

Among this list, you’ll find everything and every one, from the blissed out vibes of Groove Armada, to the smooth R&B of former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Tatyana Ali, via the pure pop of Lolly and A1. And best of all, they’re all here in video form and in a special Spotify playlist too.

That was The Story of Pop: 1999. See you all next year, when we go back to 2000…

  • EMMIE – ‘More Than This ’99’ (#5, January)
  • TATYANA ALI FEAT. WILL SMITH – ‘Boy You Knock Me Out’ (#3, February)
  • DES’REE – ‘You Gotta Be (’99 Mix)’ (#10, March)
  • BASEMENT JAXX – ‘Red Alert’ (#5, April)
  • HEPBURN – ‘I Quit’ (#8, May)
  • LOLLY – ‘Viva La Radio’ (#6, June)
  • GROOVE ARMADA – ‘At the River’ (#19, July)
  • THUNDERBUGS – ‘Friends Forever’ (#5, September)
  • ANN LEE – ‘2 Times’ (#2, October)
  • A1 – ‘Ready or Not / Everytime’ (#3, November)
  • CUBAN BOYS – ‘Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia’ (#4, December)