#12ListsofChristmas: Day 3


Hello gorgeous people, it’s #12ListsofChristmas and we’re now on Day 3, and precisely ten more sleeps until Christmas, so time for us to bring you another list of twelve festive faves.

We wanna hear from you of course – what are your favourites, if you agree with our choices, let us know. You can comment below or Tweet us using our hashtag #12ListsofChristmas. For today’s list, we ask you to stick the kettle on and get comfy in front of the telly, as we bring you…


  1. Bernard and the Genie
  2. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  3. Love Actually
  4. The Holiday
  5. A Muppet Family Christmas
  6. Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves of Fire
  7. The Vicar of Dibley (‘The Christmas Lunch Incident’, ‘Winter’, ‘Merry Christmas’)
  8. Father Ted (‘A Christmassy Ted’)
  9. The Snowman / Father Christmas
  10. Friends (‘The One With The Holiday Armadillo’ / ‘The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie’ / ‘The One With Christmas In Tulsa’)
  11. Miranda (‘The Perfect Christmas’ / ‘It Was Panning’)
  12. Only Fools and Horses (‘Heroes and Villains’)

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