#SongoftheWeek: The Script – ‘Run Through Walls’

  • ARTIST: The Script
  • SONG: Run Through Walls


Something strange happened with Dublin rockers The Script on their last album, 2017’s chart topping ‘Freedom Child’. They tried to move towards a more contemporary sound than what we usually know and love them for, evidenced by that album’s passable Ed Sheeran aping single ‘Rain’.

But chasing trends has, to our eyes, never really been the point of them. So the release this week of their sixth studio album which – spoiler alert – looks set to return them to the top of the new album chart when it’s revealed later on today, is a welcome return to their classic sound.

And it’s perhaps illustrated most movingly and beautifully on this track, which is widely being tipped as the follow-up to the first single ‘The Last Time’ which hit the charts last month. A simple but stripped back number, ‘Run Through Walls’ is lyrically a song that’s easily identifiable for many.

Danny O’Donoghue wrote this partly as a tribute to his late mother, who sadly passed away earlier this year, but the vocal performance is understated yet touching, and a fitting tribute to a lost loved one that I’m sure will make this a firm favourite for their fans for a while yet.

‘Run Through Walls’ is available to stream and download now, and The Script’s brand new album ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ is also out now, both via Sony Music. Twitter: @TheScript

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