The Good News Week (23/10/2019)


When all seems confusing or worrying in the world, it’s important that we’re reminded that there’s amazing people out there, doing positive and inspiring things. We bring you three more of them with this week’s edition of The Good News Week.

If you enjoy the stories we’ve found this week, let us know – remember this is a place for you to share any good news you find too, be it local or national – and from wherever in the world you are!

So if you find something positive in the news this coming week that you think we should feature next Wednesday then you can leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoodNewsWeek!


We head to Edinburgh for the remarkable first story from BBC News this week. The popular Camera Obscura tourist attraction on the Royal Mile has been inadvertently responsible for helping a female visitor trace and treat early stage breast cancer. Read more on her life saving discovery here.


Those of a certain age (i.e. mine) and older will remember As Time Goes By, the hit BBC sitcom from the 90s starring Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as Jean and Lionel, the old wartime lovers who reunited in later life. A real life instance of this has occurred this week in Westerville, Ohio, as two young lovers who broke up 63 years ago have now married at the age of 80. Read their romantic story over here on USA Today.


Finally, on CBS News, the popular US department store Macy’s have announced this week that they are committing to stop selling natural furs by the end of next year, following California’s recent state ban on the sale of new fur products. See more about their commitments going forward here.

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