#SongoftheWeek: Capulets – ‘Community Centre’

  • ARTIST: Capulets
  • SONG: Community Centre


Now, usually how it works in pop is this: person joins band, band release a few records, maybe they play live a bit, do some other amazing stuff and become fairly brilliant, band ends or takes a break, person from band goes solo and becomes equally brilliant with the activities described above.

Not so Florrie Arnold. She’s had a career in music just a little over a decade now, except she’s done the latter formula in reverse. It started back in 2008 with session drumming at Xenomania, the Kent based songsmiths behind a lot of the best British pop this century (her fine drumstickery can be heard all over the likes of ‘The Promise’ for Girls Aloud).

That then turned into a largely self funded solo career in 2010, also aided by Brian Higgins, which has taken in countless singles and EPs (2011’s ‘Experiments’ was the best), a few bits of modelling here and there, and more work with other established names (she appeared a lot in B/Vs and co-writing on George Ezra’s last album).

Now, she’s joined the mighty new pop band Capulets. And when we say they are mighty, we mean it. Comprising Arnold, Toby Scott and Sarah Thompson, their debut EP ‘Act One’ has been out for a week already and even on just three songs holds a lot of exciting promise for what lies ahead.

Best of all is the last of the three songs, ‘Community Centre’, which proudly maintains the bonkers, kitchen sink thrillseeking pop sound that she’s been part of the proud tradition Brian and co set out to establish all those years ago.

It’s all moody, ‘Parallel Lines’ era Blondie new wave pop stylings and shouty stompy choruses of the kind Shampoo used to do so well at their height. Above all, it’s tremendous fun and worth at least an hour’s spin on repeat.

‘Community Centre’ is available on Capulets’ debut EP ‘Act One’ which is available to stream and download now via Xenomania Music. Twitter: @CapuletsTheBand

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