#15Daysof30Lists: Day 15

Well here we are people! We’ve reached Day 15, and thus the last day of #15Daysof30Lists. As I write this I am but a matter of hours away from celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow. Thanks to all who’ve already sent me well wishes and or birthday greetings/gifts!

Thanks also for all your lovely comments and Tweets over the last couple of weeks on these lists, hope you’ve enjoyed them and got to know me a bit better through them. It’s been just as fun as I hoped it would be. Today’s list is called ‘Anything Goes’ – so titled because this is the chance to list some favourite things of mine which just didn’t fit anywhere else in particular.

I’m going to take a week’s break from blogging – new The Story of Pop: 1999 entry next Thursday aside – as it’s been pretty full on these last two weeks, and I think it’s important I have some time away to come back fresh and re-energized. So I shall be back posting again on 2nd September, in the mean time, much love to you all and peace out.

Alex 😘✌🎉🎁🎈🎂👍

1. Favourite TV presenter? Dermot O’Leary
2. Favourite magazine? Classic Pop
3. Favourite radio station? BBC Radio 2
4. Favourite live music venue? Hammersmith Apollo
5. Favourite showbiz couple? Tom and Giovanna Fletcher
6. Favourite takeaway? Fish and chips
7. Favourite season? Autumn / Spring
8. Favourite month? August / March
9. Favourite life motto? ‘If someone has to do it, why can’t it be me?’ / ‘Victory after victory, triumph after triumph’
10. Favourite radio DJ? Sara Cox
11. Favourite journalist? Pete Paphides
12. Favourite ice cream? Mint choc chip
13. Favourite animal? Dog
14. Favourite display of affection? Hug
15. Favourite day of the week? Friday
16. Favourite colour? Blue
17. Favourite shape? Oval
18. Favourite kitchen implement? Egg poaching pods
19. Favourite vehicle? VW Camper Vans
20. Favourite year? 1999
21. Favourite flower? Daffodil
22. Favourite past time? Writing
23. Favourite YouTube vlogger? Lilly Singh
24. Favourite comedy sketch? French and Saunders, ‘Modern Mother and Daughter’
25. Favourite item of clothing? Denim jacket
26. Favourite author? Roald Dahl
27. Favourite noise? My nieces and nephews giggling like hamsters in a tumble dryer
28. Favourite part of my body? My eyes
29. Favourite time of day? 6pm
30. Favourite term of endearment? Luv-oo.

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