The Good News Week (21/08/2019)


We all need a gentle reminder of how the world, as confusing and scary as it can sometimes be, that it’s also full of the reassuring presence of others making it a better place to be – and we bring you three more of those now with this week’s installment of The Good News Week.

If you enjoy the stories we’ve found this week, let us know – remember this is a place for you to share any good news you find too, be it local or national – and from wherever in the world you are!

So if you find something positive in the news this coming week that you think we should feature next Wednesday then you can leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoodNewsWeek!


You know the old saying ‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade’? One incredible little girl in North Carolina featured in our first story from ABC News has done just that this week. Three year old Ava Lewis has set up a lemonade stand outside her mum’s hair salon to help raise money for struggling new mums in need of nappies and baby wipes. More about her amazing work is here.


Some great news for those in Wales on BBC News this week. Several major towns and cities in the land of the valleys – including Newport, Caerphilly and Cardiff, are getting their first fully electric fleet of buses following their securing of government grant funding to encourage greener public transport. See the buses in action for yourself here.


And finally this week, more good green news from China. A new report on CarbonBrief has unveiled the news this week that solar power has overtaken grid electricity for the first time to become cheaper to run, not only boosting it’s industrial and commercial prospects but helping China to become one of the greenest markets in the world. More on the findings here.


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