#15Daysof30Lists: Day 10

*chants* Day 10, Day 10, Day 10, Day 10. Day 10. Day 1111100000. Day 1111110000. Welcome to Day 10 of #15Daysof30Lists. Yes, we have just five more days left to cover before my 30th birthday. So only five more chances to find out what 30 favourite things I love in different categories or topics.

If you’re liking my choices, why not leave me a comment below or Tweet me? Or let me know what your favourites are so we can continue this beautiful love in of sharing.

So today we move on to look at some stars of stage and screen as we reveal…

1. Dame Judi Dench
2. Dame Emma Thompson
3. Colin Firth
4. Robin Williams
5. Billie Piper
6. Penelope Cruz
7. Jennifer Saunders
8. Joanna Lumley
9. Dame June Whitfield
10. Jack Black
11. Gemma Arterton
12. Dawn French
13. Audrey Tautou
14. Julia Sawalha
15. Jennifer Aniston
16. Jeremy Piven
17. Kim Cattrall
18. John Cleese
19. Michael Palin
20. Sir David Jason
21. Miranda Hart
22. James Corden
23. Debra Messing
24. Jane Horrocks
25. Lisa Kudrow
26. Himesh Patel
27. Hugh Grant
28. Sir Michael Caine
29. Sally Phillips
30. Dominic Cooper

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