#15Daysof30Lists: Day 3

Evening all, it’s now Day 3 of #15Daysof30Lists, my series of blog posts where I make lists of my 30 favourite things by category every day until my 30th birthday, which is a week and a half hence.

Why I’m doing it: so you can all get to know yours truly a bit better ahead of this milestone birthday. Don’t forget to leave your comments below or Tweet me your thoughts on my choices.

Today’s all about places I love. Some I’ve been to, others are still on the bucket list, but they’re all favourites of mine nonetheless…

1. Edinburgh Castle
2. Glastonbury Tor
3. Ireland
4. Essex
5. Italy
6. Loire region of France
7. Colchester Castle
8. Walton on the Naze
9. London South Bank
10. Hylands Park
11. Oxford Street
12. Bournemouth beach
13. Scottish highlands
14. Australia
15. Statue of Christ, Brazil
16. Stonehenge
17. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury
18. The Cotswolds
19. Sandybanks
20. St Andrew’s
21. New York
22. Venice Beach, Los Angeles
23. Taj Mahal
24. New Zealand
25. Venice, Italy
26. Berlin, Germany
27. Halstead
28. Cumbria
29. Swansea
30. My bed

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