#15Daysof30Lists: Day 1

Happy Sunday everyone – hope your weekends have all been good! It’s our fifth anniversary today since we went online as well so happy 5th anniversary to your favourite corner of the web and mine.

Soooo…it may not have escaped your notice that the blog’s been a bit quieter over the last couple of weeks. Some of it because of it being the summer break and all that. But mainly because I’ve been planning stuff for this month which I can now reveal today.

Two weeks from tomorrow is my birthday. And it’s a big ‘un for me this year, as I hit my third decade and turn 30. Which I actually feel pretty excited about in all fairness. Now, regular readers will know I’ve celebrated my birthday in a couple of ways on the blog before – Spotify playlists curated by my followers on Twitter and Facebook, for instance.

But as I only turn 30 once, I wanted to dually indulge myself a bit and also give you, the readers, a chance to learn a bit more about myself and what I love. The plan had been to start this a couple of weeks ago – i.e. 30 days before my 30th birthday – but alas life got in the way a tad.

So I am starting a new series of posts for the next fifteen days, everyday until my birthday on 26th August, and I am calling it #15Daysof30Lists. Quite simply, it’ll be 15 lists comprising of 30 favourite things in loads of different areas I cover on this here blog: music, books, films, TV shows, but also things like jokes, smells (yes, you read that correctly) and places I love.

Feel free to comment below on my choices as you see fit or Tweet us. Hopefully from this you’ll get to know me a bit better and vice versa and this can be a fun way to celebrate me turning 30! And to start – well, as an English graduate if I didn’t start with this for my first list…

1. Positivity
2. Inspiration
3. Quench
4. Oxymoron
5. Slumber
6. Wistful
7. Allusion
8. Optimist
9. Dude
10. Puppy
11. Joy
12. Totally
13. Mollusc
14. Yummy
15. Pucka
16. Kindness
17. Regal
18. Window
19. Yurt
20. Sugar
21. Miniscule
22. Balloon
23. Chocolate
24. Christmas
25. Festive
26. Eloquent
27. Pachyderm
28. Badgers
29. Spoon
30. Curtains

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