#SongoftheWeek: Friendly Fires – ‘Silhouettes’

  • ARTIST: Friendly Fires
  • SONG: Silhouettes


Firstly, we want you to count the number of indie bands that were launched about ten years ago. Now count how many of them are actually still worth a collective damn. That’d be about three, maybe four at a push, wouldn’t it?

Now, Friendly Fires are one of those bands, even if they haven’t released a new album since 2011. All of that is about to change though with the release of their third album, preceded by an absolute blinder of a comeback single.

A deliciously joyous and frenetic melding of 70s disco and funk, ‘Silhouettes’ is the sort of record that is fun from the get go and you can quite happily invent comedy dance routines to of your choosing – as they indeed do in the striking video for the single. A most enjoyable return.

‘Silhouettes’ is available to stream and download now, and Friendly Fires’ new album ‘Inflorescenet’ is out next Friday, 16th August, both via Polydor Records. Their UK tour kicks off on 30th October at London Roundhouse – tickets on sale now. Twitter: @FriendlyFires

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