#SongoftheWeek: Call Me Loop – ‘Self Love’


  • ARTIST: Call Me Loop
  • SONG: Self Love


You know it’s funny really. Xenomania have reactivated themselves this year with both Unperfect and Paige Cavell – both of whom we’ve had on this series. And yet the song that sounds closest to Brian Higgins and co’s barnstorming, Girls Aloud style pop thumpers of yore – or 2007 as everyone else calls it – is a song not even by them.

Certainly it seems that the latest single from rising pop starlet Georgia Buchanan – better known as Call Me Loop – is sonically ushering in the first signs of a 00s revival. And if you’re thinking it’s too soon for that, then we need to inform you at this point that the year 2000 was almost 20 years ago.

But regardless of the timing, ‘Self Love’ is a witty, tongue twisting, brain burrowing and utterly bonkers banger in the vein of ‘Love Machine’ or ‘Biology’, about putting love and respect of yourself over that from crap blokes (‘It’s time to make a change…make it all about me or something’) that one simply doesn’t hear enough of anymore.

In a world where so few seem to be taking musical risks in pop at the moment, on the basis of this single Call Me Loop deserves to be rewarded for doing so with such a bold and outgoing release as this. Simply brilliant.

‘Self Love’ is available to stream and download now via Orchard Enterprises. Twitter: @CallMeLoop

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