#SongoftheWeek: Little Mix – ‘Bounce Back’

  • ARTIST: Little Mix
  • SONG: Bounce Back


OK, let’s not lie here. We love the Little Mix ladies. Always have done. Perhaps not to the devoted extent we’ve shown say, Spice Girls and All Saints, or The Saturdays and Girls Aloud (because we are older and can’t really fanboy over them in the same way as we would’ve done at 13), but we’ve admired a lot of their work in the past and their obvious sisterhood that you very often don’t get in girl groups, especially ones who are now into their unbroken eighth year together (what the hell? How did that happen?) as they are now.

Now the flipside of that: we kind of weren’t here for their most recent album. Not that we didn’t try to love it, but ‘LM5’ was just severely lacking in the poptastic bangers to rank up there with the likes of ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Shout Out To My Ex’. For us, there was very much a feeling of ‘could do better’. And it seems we weren’t alone in that, because after just a couple of passable singles from that album, they are already onto new material.

But boy is it a return to what we know and love them for. Produced by the legendary Stargate team, ‘Bounce Back’ is just under three minutes long but refuses to stop for breath in that time. Opening on an acapella harmony section, it immediately rips into a percussive, bass driven banger.

It’s hook after hook, immediately catching on after just a couple of plays, and even finds time to add a trumpet break and a chorus sampling Soul II Soul’s classic ‘Back To Life’ in the bargain. You are essentially getting several songs for the price of one, and it is all the better for it. Expect it to be smashing to the top of the chart seven days hence.

‘Bounce Back’ is available to stream and download now via RCA/Sony, and Little Mix kick off their UK and Ireland tour on 6th October at the SSE Arena in Belfast – tickets on sale now. Twitter: @LittleMix

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