#SongoftheWeek: Paige Cavell – ‘Predators and Monsters’


  • ARTIST: Paige Cavell
  • SONG: Predators and Monsters


It’s not unfair to say that opinion has been sharply divided in the pop debating chamber in recent months. Chiefly, have pop production titans Xenomania still got it?

Case for the prosecution lies with Brian Higgins and co’s new girl group muses Unperfect, namely, certain quarters complaining (not us, mind) that they dared to have such a lo-fi launch for their still brilliant first single and our former #SongoftheWeek, ‘Gots to Give the Girl’ (‘It looks like one long H&M advert’, indeed, quoteth one YouTube commenter).

And the case for the defence? Enter Paige Cavell, a big voiced new female vocalist with the sort of sparkiness and verve that makes a record bearing Higgins’ writing and production credits come alive. Which it certainly does on this storming debut single.

Those expecting a firecracker of a banger will certainly be impressed. With an irresistible hook line and a catchiness that recalls the best of their work with Girls Aloud, it’s certainly an immediate record and proves that they still have power to find such hopeful new pop talent like this.

‘Predators and Monsters’ is available to stream and download now via Xenomania Recordings. Twitter: @PaigeCavell / @XenomaniaRCRDS

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