#SongoftheWeek: Crooked Colours feat. Ladyhawke – ‘Never Dance Alone’

  • ARTIST: Crooked Colours feat. Ladyhawke
  • SONG: Never Dance Alone


I feel like I should start this blog by saying ‘Hello and welcome back to 2008’. Because last week we had Lykke Li popping up on Mark Ronson’s new single, and now another of our music obsessions from that year has made a surprise comeback – of sorts.

First though to Crooked Colours. Though virtual unknowns in the UK, worldwide this electronic indie dance outfit have had over 27m streams on Spotify worldwide since they debuted in their native Australia in 2013.

Their collaborator on this new single is New Zealand’s finest export outside of lamb and rugby players in the last decade. Pip Brown, otherwise known by her stage name of Ladyhawke, released her eponymous debut album in 2008 which went gold here and spawned hits like ‘My Delirium’ and ‘Paris Is Burning’ and which we still listen to with regularity now.

‘Never Dance Alone’ is all ice cool, sparse production and understated vocals and is an absolutely magical amd captivating little single, the kind that you suspect will be an undiscovered gem, but trust us when we say this is one getting to know more about.

‘Never Dance Alone’ is available to stream and download now, and Crooked Colours’ new album ‘Langata’ is released on 17th May, both via Sweat It Out/Warner Music. Twitter: @Crooked_Colours

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