#SongoftheWeek: Emma Bunton – ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’

  • ARTIST: Emma Bunton
  • SONG: Baby Please Don’t Stop


If you read this here corner of the interweb with any regularity, you’ll know a couple of things. Mainly, we love us a good girl group. And perhaps even more so than that, we love us a good solo venture from a girl group.

So when it was announced over last weekend that, ahead of the comeback tour with her fellow Spice Girls this summer (minus a certain Victoria Beckham. Soz, Posh fans), that Emma Bunton had her first new solo album in 12 years in the can and ready to go, excitement alone didn’t cover our reaction.

And happily, from the lady that has delivered us the likes of such utter bops as ‘What Took You So Long?’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Downtown’, ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’ is a worthy addition to her solo canon, keeping on the same wonderful Tamla Motown/60s throwback groove she was rocking on her last two albums – 2004’s ‘Free Me’ and 2006’s ‘Life In Mono’.

Coming on like the vocal love child of Sandie Shaw and Brigitte Bardot, with an irresistible chorus and clip cloppy, shuffly percussion and lush orchestration, it’s the kind of classic pop record that many thought was no longer made. Knowing that it still is made makes us more delighted than you can imagine. Not that she ever lost it, but Baby’s definitely got her groove back.

‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’ is available to stream and download now, and Emma’s new album ‘My Happy Place’ is released on April 12th, both via BMG. Twitter: @EmmaBunton

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