Ciao for now, #CatchupRoundup


So I have a small announcement where the blog is concerned today. I have decided to rest #CatchupRoundup, my series of blogs each Tuesday where I picked the best TV shows on the on demand services.

The reasons for this are mainly because it was getting increasingly difficult to find decent stuff to watch across BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5 on a weekly basis. Funny that for all the choice available there’s sometimes so few gems to choose from. And rather than do anything half heartedly I have decided to let that series lay to rest for a while.

Rest assured however, that my reviews of awesome new TV shows I’m loving will still be occuring on this here blog – starting in fact, next Wednesday, when week by week I’ll be reviewing the long awaited return of our favourite TV show of last year – Derry Girls, which kicks off its second run on Channel 4 a week today.

See you all then for some class action.

Alex 😄📝📺🎉👍

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