#SongoftheWeek: mate – ‘Myself’

  • ARTIST: mate
  • SONG: Myself


If you’re looking at the cover art for this week’s #SongoftheWeek, and thinking ‘Hang on a minute, isn’t that…?’ then yes, you’d be correct in thinking that mate is actually a pseudonym for one time Loveable Rogue now solo artist and urban poet, Mr Eddie Brett.

Since we reviewed his still brilliant first solo album ‘Parlay‘ back in 2016 – which he approved of highly, so we know he’s likely to be reading this with interest – he has maintained an active YouTube following with his spoken word poems and raps. He even appeared on BBC London News just before Christmas last year doing a poem about his hometown of Chingford whilst dressed as Brian Harvey. Your faves could literally never.

‘Myself’ is his first offering as mate (see, I’ve not capitalised. I do follow style guides and all that Edward). And it’s totally brilliant. It’s got this wistful looped guitar sample against a minimal backbeat, with Eddie freeflowing over the top in a stream of consciousness style that calls to mind Eminem and The Streets.

There’s talk of fatigue with ‘getting loose with the contactless’ on a night out, hazily denouncing a need to stay constantly connected in today’s modern world: ‘I’m not asking for sympathy, I’m just asking for help / I’m getting too old for this shit, man / I just wanna get a dog, put my feet up, sit by the fire’.

The honesty of this release is what continues to make him one of music’s liveliest and underappreciated voices, and with a strong grip on his craft. It’s quite simply a bloody tune, mate.

‘Myself’ is available to stream and download now via Eddie Brett/Absolute. Twitter: @EddieBrett


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