#SongoftheWeek: Unperfect – ‘Gots To Give The Girl’

  • ARTIST: Unperfect
  • SONG: Gots To Give The Girl


You know it’s a good time for pop music when you’ve got more than one girl group on the go. So no sooner have Four of Diamonds offered up a blinding new single, then Brian Higgins, the brains behind pop geniuses Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Kylie Minogue), have offered up an anti-kind-of-girl group to the fore.

Chloe, Siobhan, Soipan and Tiah make up Unperfect, who are very lo-fi – certainly from their launch online earlier this week. But yet their subdued, understated approach sounds immediately fresh to the ears and in today’s current pop climate.

‘Gots To Give The Girl’ is raw and soulfully inclined, and reveals its charms more with repeated listens. In that respect, it’s a return to the classic Xenomania sound of yore – left of centre, and kind of undone, but yet it works the more you hear it.


More singles are due on the way from these four, but this is a promising start and one that suggests the future will be, well, Unperfect.

‘Gots To Give The Girl’ is available to stream and download now via Xenomania Records. Twitter: @ThisIsUnperfect


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