The Good News Week (16/01/2019)

It’s Wednesday, and once again we’re bringing a little sunshine to your week with this week’s edition of The Good News Week. 

This is our weekly spot on the blog where we bring you the positive and inspiring stories that have been in the news in the last seven days because we want to make this little corner of the internet even more positive than it already is…


Our first great story of the week takes us not too far down the road from yours truly to Colchester Gazette, and to news of some of the young people in the area who have been helped by The Prince’s Trust in their Inspire programme at a YMCA centre, with the aim of empowering them into their future careers and lives. Find out more about the inspiring success stories here.


On a similar empowering note, we head to BBC News next, and across the Atlantic to New York. Bronx born Marlin Jenkins, who was homeless for a period in his teens but went to university and worked for telecoms giants like Verizon, has set up a access centre in his old neighbourhood to help its residents who are without or cannot afford internet access for essential services. Read more about his incredible work here.


And finally this week from CBS News, a report on the amazing story of Scarlet Benjamin, an eleven month old girl from Georgia who suffered hearing loss as a result of an infection from being born three months prematurely. The video of her reacting to her sister’s voice with her new hearing aids will make you weep a little bit with joy – and you can view it here.

We hope you enjoyed the stories we bought you this week. Don’t forget that we want this to be a place for you to share any good news you find too, be it local or national!

So if you find something positive in the news this coming week that you think we should feature next Wednesday then you can leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #GoodNewsWeek!

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