Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2018: Day 19

  • ARTIST: Robbie Williams
  • SONG: Walk This Sleigh

    When you consider the source of today’s song – the B-side to his career defining ‘Angels’ in 1997 – one would naturally think that ‘Walk This Sleigh’ would be the Robster’s festive rewriting of Run DMC / Aerosmith’s seminal duet ‘Walk This Way’.

    It instead finds the most Stoke accented rap from the 90s ever, about not being able to find three wise men or a virgin, and the truly genius rhyming couplet of ‘Happy birthday Jesus Christ / Here’s some Spice Girls merchandise’. Inspired if bonkers.

    Don’t forget to follow our Christmas Song Advent Calendar playlist for this year on Spotify so you never miss a new song as it goes up. Plus you can comment or Tweet us with your thoughts on each entry using the hashtag #ChristmasSongAdventCalendar!

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