Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2018: Day 12

  • ARTIST: Tom Chaplin
  • SONG: Midnight Mass

    As we’re just slightly at the halfway mark to the big day on our festive calendar of delights, I thought today might be an ideal place to stop for a reflective piece in amongst all the hustle and bustle and general madness of the season, and to remember the peace it can bring.

    Former Keane frontman Tom Chaplin released his beautiful ‘Twelve Songs Of Christmas’ album last year, but this original song is still undoubtedly its highlight. A word of caution though: the video may make you want to have a box of tissues nearby, but its message resonates with that of the song.

    Don’t forget to follow our Christmas Song Advent Calendar playlist for this year on Spotify so you never miss a new song as it goes up. Plus you can comment or Tweet us with your thoughts on each entry using the hashtag #ChristmasSongAdventCalendar!

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