#SongoftheWeek: Rae Morris – ‘Dancing With Character’

  • ARTIST: Rae Morris
  • SONG: Dancing With Character


A lot of people have said to us that we need to hear ‘Someone Out There’, the second album from singer/songwriter Rae Morris that came out in February this year. We had heard one of the singles quite a few times on Radio 2 – the title track – and thought it was lovely, all swoony, bluesy vocals and piano.

But this current single from the Blackpool lass – well, it’s just even lovelier than that. An old fashioned tale about being swept off your feet by a dashing partner on the dance floor, we can imagine the Strictly pros doing some gorgeous routine to it at the Tower Ballroom – where, coincidentally, Rae filmed the video featuring her and her nan (WARNING: you will need tissues when you see it).

Were I former head judge Len Goodman, then I’d be giving a 10 for this easily. Alas I’m not, but I’m still giving a 10 because this is such a gorgeous song. And I shall be listening to that album of Rae’s ASAP, fans of those who like saying “You need to hear this”.

‘Dancing With Character’ is available to stream and download now, and Rae’s new album ‘Someone Out There’ is also out now, both via Atlantic Records. She performs at the Jazz Cafe in London on 11th December, tickets are on sale now. Twitter: @RaeMorrisMusic

#SongoftheWeek takes a break next month as our Christmas Song Advent Calendar returns for 2018 tomorrow. It’ll be back on the blog from 4th January. Don’t forget to Tweet us or comment below and let us know your thoughts on our #SongoftheWeek this week!

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