Struck Down in the Pribe Ob Libe

*sings* Talking away…I don’t know what… what to say, I’ll say it anyway…oh hello. 

Don’t mind me, just embracing Instagram’s rather awesome new Stories filter, that makes me look I’m in A-Ha’s video for ‘Take On Me’. I digress from this 80s-tastic notion.

Just thought I’d check in as I’ve been noticeable by my (certainly blogging) absence for the last week and a bit. Couple of things have contributed to this. 

Firstly, a bout of illness with a currently still revenant husky voice/sore throat. I do sound a bit like Monica in Friends where she spends the whole episode trying to convince Chandler she’s not sick and is in the ‘pribe ob libe’, yes.

Secondly…I won’t lie when I say that I feel like I’ve been a bit drained of creative ideas, and have simply decided to take this time to try and recharge my batteries. 

Not to mention that I have a pretty large blog/web related project in the pipeline to launch next month – which I can’t talk about yet, but it’s very exciting – so some of my regular blogs have had to a nice sit down with a cuppa as a result. (Chamomile tea with honey and ginger, in case you’re asking, as they too, are struck down in the pribe ob libe.)

Anyway. #CatchupRoundup, #SongoftheWeek and yes, #BlastfromthePast will all return as of Thursday. Until then, peace up, A-town down (or whatever it is Usher says at the beginning of his 2004 hit ‘Yeah’).

Much love always,


X x

P.S A-Ha. Because everyone needs a Morten of Harket.

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