A Blogger’s Holiday

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that there’s been radio silence on this here corner of the web since oooh…this time last week? So I thought I’d better offer a short explanation as to my whereabouts.

I’m not currently writing this from a divine Alpine hideaway with the Northern lights and a duvet for company (although looking at that picture above, I wish I was). The trouble with a self run and funded blog as mine is that all the pressure to keep it up is all on my shoulders. 

And sometimes that can be – OK, not a hardship compared to really difficult jobs – but occasionally my creative drive/nous is depleted and things get a bit monotonous in the brouhaha of it all, especially with the regular series I have in place on the blog now that I make a conscious effort to keep updated. Equally, I want to make these as far away from routine as possible.

And with World Mental Health Day just last week, it gave me the opportunity to repromote my post I made on here at the start of the year, about my struggle with anxiety 18 months ago. And if ever a more potent reminder was needed of the importance of not being hard on one’s self, giving ourselves a break, and looking after ourselves mentally, than that was it.

As Giovanna Fletcher once beautifully put it, sometimes you can keep all the plates spinning, and other times, you need to let one of them stop for a bit. Hence I have been having an adjournment from regular blog activities with my feet up, and a metaphorical cuppa and a good book (‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ by Rev Richard Coles, in case you’re wondering. I will post about it on my return).

So consider yours truly on a busman’s holiday (or rather, blogging holiday) just until the end of this week, when I shall return, batteries fully recharged by Duracell and all of the above. Much love always,



PS I don’t like cricket. Oh no. I love it (That was Dreadlock Holiday, not Busman’s Holiday – Puns Ed)

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