#ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 38

If you’re fancying yourself a reminder of some of the biggest chart hits from this week in the last 25 years, then it’s clear you need our ever reliable series every Tuesday on this little corner of the web, otherwise known as #ThrowbackTunesday. Before we get to this week’s retro slice of pop perfection, let’s see who we’ve got on our playlist this week…

  • 1993: Eternal – ‘Stay’
  • 1998: Billie Piper – ‘Girlfriend’
  • 2003: Jamelia – ‘Superstar’
  • 2008: Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Never Miss A Beat’
  • 2013: James Blunt – ‘Bonfire Heart’

    And our favourite song from this week’s #ThrowbackTunesday playlist is…

    • ARTIST: Eternal
    • SONG: Stay
    • ALBUM: Always & Forever

    Ask people to name which girl group had more top 10 hits than any other in the 90s, and the obvious answers will probably spill forth. Spice Girls? No. Maybe All Saints then? Not even close. It was in fact the four London ladies you see above, who kicked off a run of twelve top 10 hits this very week in 1993.

    Formed by manager Denis Ingoldsby in 1992, and consisting of sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett, plus school mates Louise Redknapp and Kelle Bryan (who were scouted in a London nightclub by Ingoldsby), Eternal were formed as a credible British answer to the wave of American New Jill Swing/R&B acts breaking out across the Atlantic and into the UK charts.

    With their influences leaning towards aspects of this, as well as gospel and soul, and dance pop, their debut single ‘Stay’ really struck a chord upon its release at the end of September 1993. And it was on its second week inside the top 40, 25 years ago this week, that it climbed inside the UK top 10, on its way to a peak position of #4.

    Although well documented line-up changes, a host of awards, and a chart topper with the still brilliant ‘I Wanna Be The Only One’ would follow in the next four years, here’s this week to the single that started it all for Eternal, one of the 90s’ most timeless and consistent all female acts.

    Check out the full playlist here, and let us know what your favourite hit from the past is this week on our Twitter with the hashtag #ThrowbackTunesday!

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