#SongoftheWeek: Olly Murs feat. Snoop Dogg – ‘Moves’

  • ARTIST: Olly Murs feat. Snoop Dogg
  • SONG: Moves


We’ll start with some statistics that our official hamsters have been furiously wheeling together for this here blog (don’t worry, they weren’t harmed in the generation of these). It has been 410 days, 9,840 hours, 590,400 minutes and 36.4 million seconds since we last featured Olly Murs properly on this here blog.

And now, after months of endless Tweets/teasing from the man himself, almost all of which have included use of the word ‘soon’, ‘soon’ is actually here. As you’ve probably heard by now, ‘Moves’ is the first single off his forthcoming sixth album – and the theme from the new film Johnny English Strikes Again (in cinemas next Friday). It’s also a collaboration with actual Snoop Dogg, and is co-written by none other than actual Ed Sheeran.

Now for the bit the press releases haven’t told you. Though snobs may suggest this next sentence may be coming from us, the blogger who can usually not form any stream of coherent logic about Olly other than that of an excitable teenage fanboy, and who is thus not objective (Subjective, moi?), but this is the pop single of the last quarter of the year that you didn’t know you needed.

‘Moves’ is a record that isn’t in the habit of taking itself seriously, other than being serious about the fun factor it gives off. In a faceless chart sea of landfill ‘Hot Hits UK’ friendly EDM and tropi-house, Murs tongue trips merrily over a choice funky 70s groove, with witty lyrics about kung fu kicks and tequila bringing out your inner My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding type dancer, tailor made for dancefloors from now until the other side of Christmas and beyond.

It’s so refreshing to have this kind of pop record come out in the staid, almost colourless landscape the charts are currently in, and an exciting taster for what the next chapter in his now nine year career is to bring. It’s great to have you back Olly.

‘Moves’ is available to stream and download now, and Olly’s sixth studio album is set for release in November, both via RCA/Sony. Olly will perform ‘Moves’ for the first time in a world exclusive on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, tomorrow night at 10:05pm on ITV. Twitter: @ollyofficial

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