The Actual Ranking of Kylie Minogue’s 40 Best Singles, According to Me

It’s been a pretty great year for Kylie Minogue, all things considered. The pop goddess has celebrated her 50th birthday, had another number one album with ‘Golden’, and this week saw her kick off her new tour in support of that album which is already getting rave reviews.

A couple of weeks ago – largely following her Reel Stories show with Dermot O’Leary that we reviewed on this here blog – we went on a full on binge of her old albums, videos and other things from her career to date. We do this about once a year with our favourite artists, and it means we don’t have to think too deeply about what we play on our Spotify.

But the purpose of the exercise was also for us to draw up this: our list of her actual 40 best singles according to us. Of course, everyone has their favourite, but this is ours. So without any ado…let’s reveal the chosen ones.

1. Confide In Me

2. Can’t Get You Out of My Head

3. I Believe In You

4. Step Back In Time

5. Love At First Sight

6. Put Yourself In My Place

7. Slow

8. Did It Again

9. Shocked

10. All The Lovers

11. Better The Devil You Know

12. In Your Eyes

13. Breathe

14. What Do I Have To Do?

15. Better Than Today

16. Some Kind Of Bliss

17. Chocolate

18. On A Night Like This

19. Come Into My World

20. Red Blooded Woman

21. Spinning Around

22. Hand On Your Heart

23. Into The Blue

24. Timebomb

25. Dancing

26. Word Is Out

27. Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave)

28. Wow

29. Cowboy Style

30. A Lifetime To Repair

31. Stop Me From Falling

32. I Should Be So Lucky

33. Where Is The Feeling?

34. Finer Feelings

35. Get Outta My Way

36. Please Stay

37. Never Too Late

38. 100 Degrees (with Dannii Minogue)

39. The One

40. In My Arms

And also, for balance of probability, we also drew up our list of Kylie’s 10 actual singles we really do not care for…

1. Celebration

2. Locomotion

3. If You Were With Me Now (with Keith Washington)

4. Tears On My Pillow

5. Sexercize

6. All I See

7. Giving You Up

8. Kids (with Robbie Williams)

9. What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)

10. Got To Be Certain

But let us not end on a bad note, and remember what I consider to be her finest hour from a now 30 year long career:

We love you Kylie.

What did you make of our choices? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us using the hashtag #CrazyStupidKylie.

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