#SongoftheWeek: LSD – ‘Thunderclouds’

  • SONG: Thunderclouds


The supergroup. It’s not a concept that happens that often in pop. Rarer still are the ones that are actually quite good. So LSD – a supergroup consisting of Labrinth, Sia and Diplo – are really quite an exciting prospect indeed.

Their first two singles ‘Genius’ and ‘Audio’, which came out earlier this year, failed to make much of an impact – and you partly suspect this was because their names weren’t on the cover of those releases. Not so however, with their third effort.

If ‘Thunderclouds’, an irresistible slice of retro doo-wop pop sounds familiar, then it’s because it’s the theme from Samsung Galaxy’s TV adverts for their new range of smartphones. Product placement aside, it doesn’t take away from this being the best thing any of the artists involved has done in ages.

Our ability to predict a number one single these days is almost non-existent (partly because ooh, Drake and Calvin Harris don’t feature on 98% of them), but if it could work just this once on what we think is one of the best pop singles released this year that would be lovely.

‘Thunderclouds’ is available to stream and download now, and LSD’s yet to be titled debut album is scheduled for release on 2nd November, both via Columbia Records. Twitter: @Labrinth @Sia @Diplo

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