#CatchupRoundup (13th September 2018)

Time for a new series to the blog now. Do you ever find there’s not enough time to catch up on all the brilliant TV that’s out there? Well consider your FOMO eradicated, for that’s where we come in with #CatchupRoundup. 

Every Thursday, we’ll be offering you our top picks from the on demand services so that you don’t miss out on a thing in the world of telly this week. So let’s have a look what our top picks are for you this week…

Last Sunday, over 40,000 listeners of Radio 2 descended on London’s Hyde Park for their annual ‘Festival In A Day’, a show that’s been headlined by everyone in the past, from Elton John to Take That.

Headliner this year was Kylie Minogue – and yes, that is Rick Astley you can see performing with her above. She also reunited with her old Neighbours beau Jason Donovan for a performance of their classic ‘Especially For You’ that has to be seen to be believed, as well as tracks from her new album ‘Golden’ and the classics like ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

And you can watch it back in full now, along with all the sets from the stellar lineup – including All Saints, The Shires, Boyzone, Manic Street Preachers and Lenny Kravitz.

Pointless host Alexander Armstrong is now also at the helm of this brilliant new panel quiz show, which is all about a variety of dead on the mark and hilarious impressions. Heading it up as team captains are Channel 4’s Rory Bremner and from BBC One’s The Impressions Show, Debra Stephenson. 

The first two episodes are already available to watch back – the second in particular is a delight, with famed impressionists Jon Culshaw and Christina Bianco offering up ‘A Spoonful Of Sugar’ in the style of Christina Aguilera and the theme from Dad’s Army in the style of – wait for it – Brit rapper Stormzy. Oh yes.

Those of a certain age (i.e. mine and older) will remember the original Driving School that was on the BBC at the turn of the millennium. It was the original docusoap and made D-list stars of it’s pupils Maureen and er, the others.

E4 have now resurrected the format, but with a twist – the pupils are all actually sort of well known themselves. Taking part are Tristan Evans from The Vamps, Coronation Street’s Chesney aka actor Mikey North and comedian Mark Watson to name but a few.

An enjoyable watch, even if to remind you that sometimes people in the biz we call show can be just as crap at passing their driving test as we mere mortals.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a YouTube loop of dog and puppy videos, then this surprisingly addictive show on Channel 5 is for you. There isn’t a narrative as such, more a series of stitched together vignettes into the lives of well, puppies.

But we shall issue a disclaimer now, when we say that we’ll not be held responsible if you’re found in a corner, mildly hysterical and making cooing noises every time they do something cute (which is pretty much all the time on this show).

Leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #CatchupRoundup to let us know what you thought of our choices this week – and let us know if there’s a show you want to recommend for a future edition!

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