#SongoftheWeek: Ward Thomas – ‘Lie Like Me’

  • ARTIST: Ward Thomas
  • SONG: Lie Like Me


It was only a matter of time before it happened, but UK country’s finest sisterly duo Ward Thomas have taken on quite a topical subject matter for their brilliant first single off their forthcoming third album.

A scathing, almost new wave-esque banger on the rose tinted depictions of life on social media, ‘Lie Like Me’ doesn’t feel like a whiny diatribe. Like all the best pop songs on a hot bone of contention for debate and conversation, it approaches it’s subject with accessibilty and style.

Particularly with lines like ‘God forbid you see the things I don’t want you to see’ and ‘This picture perfect paradise is like a show and tell’, it’s the most on the mark comment on lack of reality and focus in society since Lily Allen tackled the subject almost 10 years ago with ‘The Fear’.

Beautifully harmonised and instantly catchy, if it’s any indication of what we can expect of Lizzy and Catherine’s new album then they’re definitely set for another chart topping record to their name.

‘Lie Like Me’ is out to stream and download now, and Ward Thomas’ new album ‘Restless Minds’ is out on 5th October, both via WTW Music/Sony Music. Twitter: @WardThomasMusic

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