#SongoftheWeek: Four of Diamonds feat. Burna Boy – ‘Name On It’

  • ARTIST: Four of Diamonds feat. Burna Boy
  • SONG: Name On It


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to utter the words ‘I have a new favourite girl group’ (last approximate use was c. 2010). Now the drought of its usage is over, for I do indeed have a new favourite girl group.

Alumni of the 2016 series of The X Factor (which I didn’t watch, largely because it was the series immediately following Olly Murs-bashing-gate), Sophia, Yasmin, Caroline and Lauren, collectively known as Four of Diamonds, apparently only came 8th in the live shows, because Matt Terry (who?) was deemed a more appropriate prospect for a winner. And we all know how well that worked out, don’t we?

Thankfully, Peter Loraine – a man who is not a total idiot and who knows good pop when he sees it – signed them up to his Fascination Management stable (Steps, All Saints, The Saturdays) and they’ve now got a pretty nifty deal with Virgin EMI to boot – from which this first single is their debut release.

‘Name On It’, a collaboration with Burna Boy, is sassy, catchy and sounds exactly like what you would expect a debut single from a new girl group to sound in 2018 and then some. It has a strong message of female solidarity, chiefly, that wrong doing men can either show commitment or clear off: “If you don’t wanna put your name on it / Then this is goodbye”.

The video (above) also has a quite brilliant scene where one of the girls leaves her wrong doing tool of a boyfriend, but makes sure she doesn’t dump him without taking his box of chicken nuggets first. For that reason alone, but many more besides, Four of Diamonds deserve to be absolutely huge.

‘Name On It’ is available to stream and download now via Virgin EMI Records. Twitter: @FourOfDiamonds

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