#SongoftheWeek: All Saints – ‘Love Lasts Forever’

  • ARTIST: All Saints
  • SONG: Love Lasts Forever


I’m going to do a little bit of scene setting for you here, people. It is Thursday morning – a whole 24 hours before this blog goes live. I have heard the new single from All Saints – aka my most favourite girl group ever – twice in the space of the last half hour. Once, when Coxy gave it its first ever play on Radio 2. And again when it was released on Spotify just minutes ago.

There is a chance that I am a little bit overcome at the excitement of it all, for reasons I shall explain henceforth:

  1. This is actually brilliant. It starts off with Melanie Blatt, and a lone synthy marimba, singing ‘I won’t doubt, I won’t break / Pass this by, or fade away’ and other things to that effect for another verse.
  2. The BPM then increases dramatically as the chorus with those harmonies that are unmistakably theirs kick in: ‘So when you’re ready you just gotta let me know / And when the time is right I’m gonna show ya / When we find it we will never let go / ‘Cause love lasts forever’.
  3. It’s got this brilliant lo-fi, sort of drum’n’bass orchestral/hand clappy thing behind it that’s euphoric and glorious.
  4. It then has an absolutely brilliant breakdown/middle 8 bit after the second chorus where Shaznay Lewis does a little waily bit, while they all chant ‘Forever it lasts, for-forever it lasts’ for all eternity, and then Natalie Appleton sings ‘Just let my loving lead the way / ‘Cause I’m sure that you know inside it’s your time’ over the top of this.
  5. Then everything drops out over another chorus over an orchestral track and the beat comes back in and then…

    Four minutes and six seconds later, my summer anthem for 2018 has been found. More to come from them of course, in future weeks ‘pon de blog (you’d be stupid to think otherwise), but truly, welcome back ladies. This is magnificent.

    ‘Love Lasts Forever’ is available to stream and download now, and All Saints’ new album ‘Testament’ is out 13th July, both via London/AS Recordings. Twitter: @AllSaintsOffic

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