#ThrowbackTunesday: Episode 13

Welcome to the first installment of #ThrowbackTunesday for April. As always, we have another playlist of five UK chart hits of the past from this exact week at five points in the last 25 years for your audial delectation.

Let’s take a look at who we’ve got on this week’s playlist before we get to our featured track…

  • 1993: The Bluebells – ‘Young at Heart’
  • 1998: Billie Myers – ‘Kiss the Rain’
  • 2003: Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham – ‘Make Luv’
  • 2008: The Kooks – ‘Always Where I Need To Be’
  • 2013: Michael Bublé – ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’

And our favourite song from this week’s #ThrowbackTunesday playlist is…

  • ARTIST: Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham
  • SONG: Make Luv
  • ALBUM: Music & You

Singles that become popular through use in TV advertisements are becoming less and less commonplace these days. And yet once upon a time, they were a surefire way of guaranteeing a high placing and degree of success for the artist behind the track.

Levi’s jeans were once kings of making hit singles from their advertisements, most notably, the chart topping efforts of Babylon Zoo and Mr Oizo to name but two in the 90s. And it was still happening at the start of the 00s with other brands and companies too.

In early 2003, Lynx men’s deodorant launched their new ‘Axe’ range of their line. The accompanying advert depicted an everyday bloke, freshly clouded in Lynx Axe, busting out his very worst dad dancing (it briefly spawned a dance craze of sorts), but still seeming irresistible to a nearby pair of female onlookers. And it’s soundtrack?

Well that came courtesy of a new dance record, sampling a minor hit from 20 years previously in 1983 for now late soul singer Oliver Cheatham, titled ‘Get Down Saturday Night’. The act in question who sampled it were funky house music collective Room 5, for their single ‘Make Luv’.

Demand grew and grew for the track to be a single, so it was no surprise at all when it went thundered straight in at number one in March 2003. It went onto spend four weeks at the top, selling over 400,000 copies in the process – making it by far and away the biggest dance single to cross over into the pop charts in 2003.

But like all good advert singles, Room 5 were resolutely one hit wonders. The inevitable follow up single, ‘Music and You’, conked out just outside the top 30 before Christmas that year. But there’s always ‘Make Luv’ to mark their place in pop history.

Check out the full playlist here, and let us know what your favourite hit from the past is this week on our Twitter with the hashtag #ThrowbackTunesday!

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