#SongoftheWeek: The Shires – ‘Guilty’

  • ARTIST: The Shires
  • SONG: Guilty


Crissie and Ben, aka UK country pop upstarts The Shires, are fast turning into one of our new favourite bands. Along with Ward Thomas, they have helped give their new Nashville contemporaries a run for their money with their uniquely British take on the genre since launching in 2015.

With two top 10 gold selling albums already under their belt, this week they launched the first single from their forthcoming third album. And we are just a little bit (READ: very) obsessed with it. 

‘Guilty’, despite not being a cover of Blue’s hit from 2003, is properly good. Even on the lone fact that there is a siren throughout the song. And there are no bad songs with sirens in. Fact. But it has more going for it than that in it’s favour too.

An uptempo, throwdown banger, it comes with a truly epic, singalong chorus with the following line: ‘If my moves are murder on the dancefloor / Who cares, baby what you here for? / If it’s a crime to have a good time, then I’m guilty’. On this basis, we probably are too – but to hell with it. And may the new album be full of more hits in waiting like this one.

‘Guilty’ is available to stream and download now, and The Shires’ new album ‘Accidentally On Purpose’ is released on 20th April, both via Decca Records. Twitter: @TheShiresUK

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