I’m on BBC Radio 2 today!

So this week is quite an exciting one for me, really. If you’ve read the blog before, you’ll know that my favourite radio station is BBC Radio 2, and so I am more than a little delighted that I have been chosen to take control of the music on this fine station for a whole half hour later today, with the famous Non Stop Oldies section of Steve Wright’s afternoon show.

What that means is, seven or eight old songs or hits from the past of my choosing from a long list of thirty I sent them will get played out, and I also get my very own Non Stop Oldies badge that you see pictured above (although it hasn’t arrived yet because of the snow and ice grinding the country’s postal system and indeed all other systems to a halt. C’est dommage etc)*.

* = I drafted this on Sunday night, since when it has arrived in the post. Oh the joys of scheduling!

For UK listeners, the show goes out at 3pm this afternoon, on the Radio 2 website or on 88-91 FM (89.1 usually does the trick frequency wise, I always find). International reader peeps, you can also listen live on there or via BBC iPlayer for four whole weeks afterwards (I’ll leave the link here once it’s available).**

UPDATE, 8:50pm – here it is!

And because only seven or eight of my choices are being played, I think it’s only fair you have the whole set of my choice of Non Stop Oldies in one handy Spotify playlist. I hope you enjoy listening to my choices – please leave your comments below or Tweet me to let me know what your thoughts were!

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