#SongoftheWeek: Hanne Leland – ‘Carry On’

  • ARTIST: Hanne Leland
  • SONG: Carry On


There’s certain things that our European neighbours get impeccably right time and time again. The Italians: food and family. The French: fine wine. And for our friends in Scandinavia, they have the complicated art of that elusive musical beast – brilliant pop music – nailed in one.

Like Annie and Robyn before her, Norwegian born Hanne Leland specializes in that galacial, slightly wistful brand of electropop that’s as compelling as it is catchy. She first came to my attention when she supported All Saints on their comeback tour 18 months ago.

A succession of quite brilliant singles followed it, and her brand new single ‘Carry On’ happily continues on with that little tradition. Sounding like how one hoped Katy Perry’s last album should’ve sounded, it’s a bright and boppy little number about persistence in the face of trials.

Hanne’s vocal glistens and soars on the track’s epic hands-in-the-air chorus, and the synth ‘n drums backing bounces like freshly pumped up lilos in a ball pit, it is that uplifting. One hopes therefore, with hits like these in waiting, that she doesn’t remain a lost discovery for too much longer.

‘Carry On’ is available to stream and download now via Siwu Music. Twitter: @Hanne_Leland

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