Christmas Song Advent Calendar 2017: Day 22

  • ARTIST: Chris Rea
  • SONG: Driving Home for Christmas
  • ALBUM: New Light Through Old Windows – The Best of Chris Rea (1988, Elektra)

Another one I associate eternally with Christmas growing up today’s song. Chiefly, this reminds me of a weekend one Christmas – I must have been about 7 – when my dad was Santa at our church’s annual Bazaar that’s taken place every year since…I don’t know when it started actually.

But anyway, Mum was with me and my sisters, on the way back from the Bazaar (after buying some jigsaw puzzles and totally ruining the illusion of our Dad not being Santa) when our forever overheating Peugeot Estate, Betty, conked out and left us marooned somewhere on the A120 slip road, with no Dad to help us. Fortunately, a local couple helped tow us back home in our hour of need. We sent them Christmas cards every year that for a good while.

But this was playing in the car after we had broken down, and that’s what it always makes me think of. Because that’s what Christmas is about – making memories to share for years to come.

Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist to ensure you’re getting all the songs each day in the run up to Christmas!

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