#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 12: Musicals Week Results

Welcome back to the second showing of Musicals Week for this weekend’s #StrictlyLiveBlogging, our weekly live blog of the BBC’s hit celebrity ballroom series Strictly Come Dancing. With 24 hours gone since the six remaining celebrities and their professional partners treaded the boards with their musical inspired routines, the penultimate dance off of this series now awaits as we find out who is heading to next weekend’s semi final.

We’ll get going at 6:40pm tonight with our warm up looking back at last night’s dances, and a look ahead to the results show, before we get go live with the BBC One show at 7:20pm.

Don’t forget as always to swipe down or press F5 to refresh for all the dance off news as it breaks, and to leave your comments below or Tweet us using the hashtag #StrictlyLiveBlogging. See you all then!

Alex 🎭💃📺📝🎉👍


So last night was the quarter final, and Musicals Week, as the six remaining couples took to the floor with routines inspired by shows from Grease to Cats.

It meant a return to the top of the leaderboard for Debbie and Giovanni, with three 10s and a total of 39 for their American Smooth. Alexandra and Gorka also scored 39 for their Mary Poppins take on a Charleston, with Joe and Katya completing the top 3 with 37 for their Cabaret inspired Samba. Down at the bottom with 29 for their Phantom of the Opera style Argentine Tango were Davood and Nadiya.


Tonight, in the penultimate dance off, the two lowest scoring couples from the judges scores and viewer votes combined will dance again to fight for a place in next weekend’s semi final.

The cast of the new West End hit of the year, Dreamgirls, will also join the professional dancers for their opening group number:

Plus, Beverley Knight, Amber Riley and Cassidy Janson – aka The Leading Ladies – will be performing a track from their new album live in the studio:


25 minutes to go! It’s time for us to flashback to dances from Strictly quarter finals past. Our first one tonight is a real show stopper from 2009 – it’s Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan’s Charleston:


20 minutes to go! Our second flashback tonight takes us back to 2007, with Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler’s stunning Viennese Waltz:


15 minutes to go! Our last flashback to Quarter Finals past tonight is from 2013, with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Brendan Cole’s Tango to a Madonna classic: 


Here we go people…!


I’m not really into Dreamgirls per se but there are some moves being busted here by Janette in particular!


Predictions time then – who do we think is dance off bound tonight? I’ve a feeling it’ll be Gemma this week – but I hope I’m wrong!


Time now to find out the first lot of couples through to the semi final next weekend…here they come:

  • Debbie and Giovanni!
  • Joe and Katya!

      And the first couple in tonight’s dance off are…Davood and Nadiya!

      Shame really, I thought he had a great dance last night!


      Time now for a performance from The Leading Ladies – Beverley Knight, Amber Riley and Cassidy Janson – singing ‘I’m Every Woman’. Got to say I’m not that fussed by this! Roll on Craig David next week…


      Oh yes. Gangnam Ed is back!


      Time now to reveal the last lot of couples through to next weekend’s semi final – here they come:

      • Mollie and AJ!
      • Gemma and Aljâz!

      Which means Alexandra and Gorka are in the dance off again!


      Dance off time. Davood and Nadiya are dancing their Argentine Tango first again…


      Just as good as, if not better than last night’s this. Alas he’s in the dance off with the duopoly so it’s obvious this is his last dance…


      Alexandra and Gorka doing their Charleston again now. Just as flat as last night this. But hey, why does what I say matter?


      The judges are now voting for who they’re saving for next week’s semi final…

      • Craig is saving Alexandra and Gorka…
      • Darcey is saving Alexandra and Gorka…
      • Bruno is saving Alexandra and Gorka…

      Which means Davood and Nadiya are out of Strictly Come Dancing 2017. They’ll be much missed!


      That’s it for another weekend of #StrictlyLiveBlogging – thanks again to all who read along. We’ll see you back here next week for the semi final – until then, keeeep live dancing/blogging! 


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