#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 5: Fourth Live Show Results

Welcome back one and all to the second half of this weekend’s #StrictlyLiveBlogging! 24 hours have passed since the latest live Saturday night show of BBC One celebrity ballroom series Strictly Come Dancing and tonight, we’re about to find out who’s going to become the latest victim of the dreaded dance off in the results show.

We’ll have a warm up with a recap of all of last night’s action at 6:30pm, and a look back at some classic Strictly dances, before we go live with the results show on BBC One at 7:15pm. Make sure you swipe down or press F5 to refresh to get all the dance off news as it breaks – and don’t forget to leave your comments below or Tweet us with your thoughts using the hashtag #StrictlyLiveBlogging. Hope you enjoy it!

Alex 💃📺📝🎉👍


Welcome one and all! So last night, all thirteen couples danced again in the fourth live show. After being awarded the first three 10s of the series, Alexandra and Gorka came top of the leaderboard for their Jive with a total of 39.

Just behind them on 35 points were Gemma and Aljaz with their well received Paso Doble, with Aston and Janette completing the top 3 with 32 for their quickstep. Down at the bottom end of the leaderboard, both Charlotte and Brendan and Simon and Karen both scored 19 a piece for their Jive and Samba respectively.


Tonight, as always, the two lowest scoring couples will dance again in the dance off – after which the judges will cast their vote that will decide who follows Chizzy and Pasha and the Reverend Richard and Dianne off the Strictly 2017 dancefloor.

The professional dancers will also open the show tonight with a dramatic, Paso Doble inspired ‘Dark Underworld’ themed routine. Plus jazz and blues legend Gregory Porter will perform a track from his new album live in the studio, with Pasha and Dianne performing a routine to it.


Going back to last night – it would appear both Alexandra and Gorka are still on a high from their Jive last night…

Anton’s also very proud of Ruth following her well received Tango…

And Aston had a little visit from another of his JLS bandmates…


25 minutes to go! Whilst we wait for the results show, let’s look back at week 4 dances from years past – starting with Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani’s dazzling waltz on series 9 in 2011:


20 minutes to go! Our next week 4 flashback is from exactly 10 years ago on series 5 in 2007, when Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler did their superb American smooth:


15 minutes to go! Our third and final flashback to Week 4 takes us back to last year’s series, to the dance that made this gentleman the one to beat – it can only be Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton with their Jive! *sings Runaway Baby with wild abandon*


10 minutes to go…!


5 minutes to go…!


It’s time…Shirley’s ready – are you? 


Interesting group number tonight – this almost should’ve been saved for Halloween week! Props to Aljaz, Giovanni and Kevin dancing barefoot, that must be a killer! Didn’t have Anton down as a bad king, mind…


Claudia said she hasn’t had that much fun in a dungeon since Blackpool! I’m inclined to agree with her!


Here comes the first lot of couples who are safely through to next week:

  • Susan and Kevin!
  • Jonnie and Oti!
  • Ruth and Anton!
  • Alexandra and Gorka!
  • Simon and Karen!

And the first couple in tonight’s dance off are…Davood and Nadiya! Quite surprised about that.


Time now for a live performance from Gregory Porter, singing his version of ‘Smile’ from his new album ‘Nat King Cole & Me’. Such a lovely voice he has! Loving Pasha and Dianne’s beautiful routine to this as well!


Yep, us too Claudia. We thought 10 second rule was to do with food! 


The next lot of couples through to next week are in:

  • Brian and Amy!
  • Debbie and Giovanni!
  • Aston and Janette!
  • Gemma and Aljaz!
  • Mollie and AJ!
  • Joe and Katya!

Which means Charlotte and Brendan are in the dance off. Not surprised with this!


It’s dance off time. Davood and Nadiya are up first to dance their Viennese waltz again. I think they’ve got the deal sealed here. It’s just as good as if not better than last night, the intensity and the technique is on point here!


And now dancing their Jive again it’s Charlotte and Brendan. It’s a bit better than last night in terms of her enjoyment of it but the footwork is still off with the flicks and kicks.


It’s now time for the judges to vote for who they’re saving…

  • Craig is saving Davood and Nadiya…
  • Darcey is also saving Davood and Nadiya…
  • Bruno is saving Davood and Nadiya too…

Which means Charlotte and Brendan are the third couple to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing 2017 – Shirley would have voted for Davood and Nadiya too.


So it’s bye bye to Charlotte and Brendan – and indeed another weekend of #StrictlyLiveBlogging. We’ll be back next Saturday with our warm up at 6pm and live blog at 6:35pm – and as always, in the meantime, keeeep live blogging!

💃💃💃 📝📝📝 📺📺📺 🎉🎉🎉 👍👍👍

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