#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 5: Fourth Live Show

Hello one, hello all! Saturday is upon us again, which for fans of BBC One celebrity ballroom contest Strictly Come Dancing, means it’s time once again for another installment of #StrictlyLiveBlogging.

We’ll be here as always tonight bringing you all the action from the dancefloor as it happens – as always we’ll have our warm up at 6pm, looking ahead to tonight’s dances, before we go live with the main BBC One show from 6:45pm.

Don’t forget to ensure you swipe down on your phone or tablet or press F5 to rehash on your laptop or PC to get all the updates live as they happen – and you can also leave your comments below or Tweet us using the hashtag #StrictlyLiveBlogging.

Here’s to another great night – and weekend – of dancing ahead!






Fourth live show already! Where did that go? Last week of course, saw the return of Movie Week, as the 14 remaining couples took to the floor to perform dances inspired by some blockbusting greats.

Reverend Richard Coles and his partner, Dianne Buswell, however, sadly didn’t manage the impossible with their Flash Gordon inspired Paso Doble, and became the second couple to be eliminated after a dance off with Sunday Brunch co-host Simon Rimmer and his partner Karen Clifton, who did a quickstep inspired by Toy Story.

Thirteen couples now remain and will perform again tonight. Here’s the dances they’ll be dancing and which songs they’ll be dancing to courtesy of the BBC Strictly Twitter: 

And here are all the couples after finishing dress rehearsal today (or at least, nearly all of them. Look the other way, Gorka! Honestly): 


We have to tell you, before we go any further, about our slightly bizarre Strictly dream we had during the week readers. And the pressure we are now feeling from the newly evicted Revvo as a result…


Crazy Strictly dreams aside…it looks like everyone is excited for another show tonight:

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Warm up time @gorka_marquez

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15 minutes to go! It’s also a special show tonight because Grimsby’s finest and partner of comedian Susan Calman, Kevin Clifton celebrates his 35th birthday today! Happy birthday from us Kevin!

😄😄😄 🎂🎂🎂 🎁🎁🎁 🎈🎈🎈 🎉🎉🎉


10 minutes to go…


5 minutes to go…


Here we go! Time to dance…


Nice to see Anton and Brendan come out before the couples appear! Very fitting with Tess and Claudia…


Kicking things off tonight it’s Debbie and Giovanni – they’ve got a Cha Cha Cha this week, so how will they get on with their first Latin dance?


Nice package pun there! Great synchronicity from Debbie and Giovanni – and they’re dancing to one of my favourite songs ever by Cher! I’m starting to sway to them being in the final now.

Our score: 8. Sassy and super fun Cha Cha Cha from Debbie!


Shirley says that Debbie looks gorgeous and that she’s a lady when she dances but needs to get an earthy approach in with the Cha Cha Cha. Bruno says Debbie always delivers – her timing’s exact and efficient and that she’s dainty and clipped. Craig said it looked like a Barbie doll dancing and a bit stiff and straight, and to see a bit more cheek in this kind of dance. Darcey said her intent and focus is excellent and that her arm was overextended but that the dance showed her cheeky side.


Here comes Debbie and Giovanni’s scores:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 6

Shirley: 7

Bruno: 8

Total: 27


Loved those Cher style T&Cs! Brian and Amy are next tonight – they’ve got a Paso Doble this week. Will they be able to keep up the good will from last week’s American Smooth?


Hmmm. Whatever magic Brian had last week has rather worn off with this dance. The Paso’s meant to be quite a strong fiery dance and this is well…a bit camp. Quite wooden legwork as well again.

Our score: 5. And not in the good sense like last week guys!


Bruno said it was a ‘Punk-o Doble’ – Brian meets Johnny Rotten, and that he went for the shapes but they went to pieces! Craig said he was dancing by numbers and was very stompy but he tried to do the shaping and he was proud of him for that. Darcey said he beat out his flamenco heels at the beginning but saw the improvement this week. Shirley said he had nice Paso moves and a beautiful oval shape when he side stepped. Mixed bag overall!


Scores for Brian and Amy:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 6

Shirley: 6

Bruno: 5

Total: 21


Mollie and AJ are next tonight – her Saturdays bandmate and former Strictly 2014 classmate Frankie Bridge is in the audience cheering her on tonight – how will she get on with her Salsa?


Swit-swoo at you Mollie! Definitely working it and looking hot in the dress! Spicy and full of punch like a good Salsa should be – great choreography from AJ too!

Our score: 8. Marvellous Mollie can shake it like no other!


Craig said the footwork was sloppy and that their needed to be more hip rotation but that he loved the lifts. Darcey said Mollie was definitely saucy but there was balance issues. Shirley said it was challenging for Mollie but she was 100% in the commitment but to make sure she doesn’t do parallel feet for future Latin dances. Bruno loved the way she went for the dance and that the lifts bordered on Cirque du Soleil! 


Mollie and AJ’s scores are in:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 7

Bruno: 7

Total: 27


Coming up next tonight it’s Davood and Nadiya. After a mixed reaction to their Samba last week, they’re back in the ballroom with a Viennese Waltz…


Aaah. Plenty of romance and grace from Davood and Nadiya this week. His footwork is on point here too, as is his head positioning in this.

Our score: 7. If this doesn’t Craig’s pavelboards above 4 being used, I don’t know what will!


Darcey said the intensity and focus he had was unusual but that it was very nice and he now has control in his dancing. Shirley said he was pure sophistication this week and that he executed simple steps effortlessly and outstandingly. Bruno said there was a heatwave in Vienna(!) and that he was impressed by the romantic rapport Davood had with Nadiya. Craig said he was out of hold too long and that it was trying too hard to please the crowd too hard.


The scores for Davood and Nadiya are in:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 29


Charlotte and Brendan are next with a wedding inspired Jive. Will they make it all the way to the Chapel of Dance that is Strictly?


Good from Charlotte again. Only thing I’d say she needs to do is lift her feet for the Jive and also to let go a bit and enjoy it because all the criticism really seems to be getting to her!

Our score: 7. Fun but could be even funner yet!


Shirley said only a few mistakes and a big improvement. Bruno said she had a lot more fun with the dance this week and that she is going the right way making a lot of progress. Craig said it was a bit laboured but that he was surprised in a good way and liked a lot of it. Darcey said she had a lot more confidence this week in her eyes.


Charlotte and Brendan’s scores then:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 5

Bruno: 5

Total: 19


Joe and Katya are next tonight – they’ve got a Cha Cha Cha involving a door(?) – hopefully a door opening to even better things!


I think Joe is trying a bit too hard this week compared to last week. The feet and hips definitely need work for this dance. Not his best dance.

Our score: 5. A Cha Cha Cha that chuffed out of steam.


Bruno says it was frantic and that he needed to keep his legs together and that the speed let him down. Craig says he hadn’t quite mastered the action in the hip and leg department and that he looked like he’d got off a horse. Darcey says he didn’t do a bad job with such a challenging amount of content. Shirley says she loved the music choice but that Joe missed the mark on a lot of his technique.


Here come Joe and Katya’s scores:

Craig: 5

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 6

Bruno: 6

Total: 24


Time now for Ruth and Anton – they’ve got a Tango this week. Will her acting be more on point than with her Rumba last week?


Ooh. Liking the mask-ography this week! Definitely helping Ruth get more into character as a result. Nice traditional tango – OK, the head needs to be worked on a bit more but for me, her best dance yet!

Our score: 7. Ruth’s got her dancing mojo back!


Craig said that was a bit more like it! Darcey said Ruth’s determination was there and that her frame needs fixing but she loved her lower body work. Shirley said it was a 100% improvement and that she came back fighting. Bruno said she didn’t go wrong once and can’t believe it!


Ruth and Anton’s scores are in:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 6

Shirley: 6

Bruno: 6

Total: 24


Aston and Janette are next tonight – they’re back on the ballroom this week with a quickstep – will it step them back up to the top of the leaderboard again?


He makes it look easy doesn’t he? So much lightness and energy he’s bringing to this – and brilliant choreography from Janette again! Good music choice too.

Our score: 9. There’s no stopping Team MnM!


Darcey says it was crazily fast but that he was pigeon footed a bit in his lines. Shirley says she agreed with Darcey with the footwork and he was good with the frame. Bruno says the sky was the limit for them in terms of the sway and the interpretation of the song and very impressive. Craig said it lacked a bit of elegance but he loved the routine and that his energy and agility was outstanding!


Aston and Janette’s scores are in:

Craig: 7

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 9

Total: 32


Simon and Karen are next, hoping to avoid the dance off with a Copacabana inspired Samba…


Karen looks gorgeous! Like a bird of paradise! Such a shame that Simon is very stilted and wooden again with his legwork. If they are in the dance off again I wouldn’t be surprised.

Our score: 5. Copacabana? More like Bognor Regis. Sorry Simon!


Shirley said he made a few mistakes but that he also did a lot of Samba steps and it was a great try. Bruno said it was more Benidorm than Brazil but that he tried hard to put a lot of content in. Craig said he lost balance and that it was a mess which was a shame as he thought it started well. Darcey said it was a sweet party and not a cracker – a little disappointing.


Scores for Simon and Karen:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 5

Bruno: 5

Total: 19


Gemma and Aljaz are next up – how will they get on with their Paso Doble?


Wow. So much attention and detail from Gemma, the focus is nailed on here! Beautiful flamenco arms as well – and this dare I say is up there with Alexandra and Gorka’s a few weeks ago!

Our score: 9. Passionate and focussed Paso to beat from Gemma!


Bruno said she is becoming a polished gem week by week and that her technique gives him goosebumps! Craig said it needed to be more sharper and dynamic and take command of the space but that she took ownership when in hold. Darcey said it was a gorgeous performance but that she needs to work on pivoting her chin when creating the Paso mood. Shirley said it was powerful but sensual and said Gemma is here for the long run!


Here comes Gemma and Aljaz’s scores:

Craig: 8

Darcey: 9

Shirley: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 35 – they’re top of the leaderboard!


Alexandra and Gorka are next tonight with a Tina Turner inspired jive. Will she be the diva of the dancefloor?


Not as many flicks and kicks as I would’ve liked in a jive, but Alexandra does capture the musicality and energy of the dance so well – and that counts for a lot for me!

Our score: 8. Plenty of energy from Alexandra and Gorka there – but personally I think needs a bit more attack!


Craig said it was incredible and she created a nuclear reaction. Darcey praised how she kept with Gorka and that it was absolutely stunning. Shirley said nevermind Proud Mary, she was Proud Shirley. Bruno said he worked with Tina Turner as a choreographer, and that Alexandra captured the quality of Tina’s performance and that she would have loved it! I sense 10s coming…


Alexandra and Gorka’s scores:

Craig: 9

Darcey: 10

Shirley: 10

Bruno: 10

Total: 39! First 10s of the series and top of the leaderboard!


Jonnie and Oti are next tonight with another character led dance – this time an American smooth set in an old school nightclub. Will he play the part this week?


Wow. Greatly executed lift there! Definitely an improvement from Jonnie here compared to last week – smooth, classy and definitely in character!

Our score: 8. Jonnie’s back and being good all over again!


Darcey said there was so much going right and that she enjoyed it from beginning to end but that he needs to work on his hold. Shirley said he had a good fleckle and nice turns and good footwork and that it was a definite improvement. Bruno said it worked well for him and his character and he made it work and musically he was correct. Craig said he stopped acting when he went into hold and to get some acting lessons as it will help and that he loved it.


The scores for Jonnie and Oti:

Craig: 7

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 31


Finishing up tonight, it’s Susan and Kevin with a Morecambe and Wise inspired quickstep. Will they bring the sunshine to the dancefloor? (So jealous they went on the Caledonian Sleeper BTW. Always wanted to do that!)


This quickstep totally plays to Susan’s strengths, it’s very light and joyful and makes you feel good watching it! Definitely her best dance yet I’d say!

Our score: 8. Bought me sunshine, love and much more besides!


Shirley said it was such a way to close the show – great music and so nostalgic! Bruno said she was like a box of delights and that she comes out every week with a surprise! Craig said she flew around the floor like a fiend and that it was her personal best. Darcey said it was bright and breezy and beautiful and that she wanted to hug her!


Here are Susan and Kevin’s scores:

Craig: 7

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 30


And that’s it – some really great dances again tonight! The vote’s now open and we’ve cast ours – what did you think?

Make sure you join us back here again tomorrow night at 6:30pm for our warm up and recap of tonight, and then at 7:15pm for our live blog of the results when we find out who’s following Chizzy and the Reverend into the dance off and off the Strictly dancefloor! See you all then!

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