#StrictlyLiveBlogging Week 4: Movie Week

Get your popcorn ready, because here comes Strictly Live Blogging for another weekend! And not just any regular live blog this week, ah-no-no-no. Tonight and tomorrow, we are bringing you all the action from MOVIE WEEK of the BBC’s hit dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

We’ll be bringing you all the action and letting you know our thoughts on the Academy award winning performances – and the occasional box office flop for good measure. We’ll get going as always with a Warm-Up – or “Coming Soon to a Blog Near You” as we’re calling it for this week – at 6pm, then we go live at 6:35pm with the live show on BBC One.

Don’t forget as always to leave your comments below or Tweet us with the hashtag #StrictlyLiveBlogging at any time tonight, and to hold and swipe down on your phone or tablet or press F5 on your laptop or PC to ensure you’re getting all the action as it happens.

Hope you enjoy tonight’s feature ladies and gentlemen!







Welcome one and all to our preview before tonight’s main Movie Week feature! Let’s firstly have a quick recap of what happened last week…

All fifteen celebrities and their professional partners danced again – and in another storming weekend of dancing, radio host and magician’s assistant Debbie McGee and her partner Giovanni Pernice came top of the leaderboard following their Viennese waltz.

But last weekend was also the first public vote, and Holby City star Chizzy Akudolu and her partner Pasha Kovalev became the first dance off casualties this series. Now fourteen couples remain, and they’re getting their glitz on for a series of dances inspired by the movies, including the first sambas and rumbas of the series. 

Here’s a rundown of tonight’s dances from the BBC Strictly Twitter and what they’ll be dancing to:

And here’s everyone after completing dress rehearsals today:


Everyone’s getting quite excited. Tess in particular seems to be quite excited about Susan Calman being Wonder Woman:

Mollie however, seems to be taking the concept of Movie Week quite literally:


Elsewhere, over on the Instagram stories for BBC Strictly, Aston, Brian and Joe amongst others have been getting their DubSmash on and into the Movie Week spirit with some classic lines: 

And Simon is getting into character for his Toy Story inspired quickstep: 


20 minutes till our main feature starts! Whilst we wait, let’s flash back to Movie Weeks in years gone by…starting with Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton’s American smooth from Singin’ in the Rain… 


Who could forget Jay McGuinness and Aliona Vilani’s Pulp Fiction inspired jive? 


10 minutes till our main feature starts! Get the popcorn and drinks in now!


And now, ladies and gentleman, our main feature…MOVIE WEEK!



Loving this opening number! Very Gene Kelly-esque! The Reverend rocking the piano at the start there too!


Tess and Claudia looking blockbusting as always! Bruno and Craig looking dapper in their white tuxes also!


Dancing first tonight it’s Simon and Karen with their Toy Story inspired quickstep!


We are loving Simon and Karen’s Buzz Lightyear and Jessie costumes! Much better dance from him this week – light and joyous like a slinky spring!

Our score: 7. Simon’s best dance to date!


Shirley said what a way to start a show and that he has one of the best frames in the competition! Bruno said he was reaching for the stars but ran out of rocket fuel and that it was wobbly. Craig thought his frame was loose and it was lumpy with a lack of swing. Darcey said he was the rocket that started the show but that he has a weird habit of kicking his heels up and that he’s trying too hard. Quite divisive all round!


Here comes Simon and Karen’s scores:

Craig: 3

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 6

Bruno: 5

Total: 19


A Jaws inspired terms and conditions! Just when you thought it was safe to vote again…

Ruth and Anton are next with a James Bond inspired first rumba of the series – will it be a performance for our eyes only?


Surprisingly elegant and precise rumba from Ruth here! Looking like a great lost Bond girl from the 70s that never was.

Our score: 6. The name’s Ruth. Rumba Ruth!


Bruno said Ruth pushed the concept of cool to a new level but needs to work on her hips. Craig also said it lacked hip action and that the acting wasn’t as good as it could have been. Darcey said Ruth’s look was to die for but that she has balance and transition issues. Shirley said she needs to focus on the rumba walks and beats but that it was a good try from Ruth.


Ruth and Anton’s scores are in:

Craig: 3

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 3

Bruno: 4

Total: 15


Mollie and AJ are next up with their American smooth from The Sound of Music. Hopefully this’ll be one of our favourite things…


Mollie’s channelling all the Julie Andrews as Maria vibes right now! So graceful and elegant but with a touch of loveliness!

Our score: 8. The hills are alive with the dance of greatness!


Craig loved the lifts this week but said the landing from them needed to be a bit smoother but that the routine was fantastic. Darcey praised the sustaining of her control of the lifts and that she has so much potential. Shirley said Mollie made her night and it was just lovely. Bruno said it was uplifting and fresh as crisp mountain air and that their chemistry is getting better each week!


Mollie and AJ’s scores are in:

Craig: 7

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 30. Their highest score to date!


It’s Reverend Richard time! He and Dianne are dancing a Flash Gordon inspired Paso Doble. Will it be the dance of the impossible?


Wow. The Reverend’s certainly the Paso arms and face down! The footwork is letting him down a little bit but his musicality and feel for the music is serving him well again!

Our score: 6. An action packed Flash of a Paso Doble and his best dance yet!


Darcey said it was strangely powerful and that his conviction was extraordinary! Shirley said his commitment can’t be faulted but that she wasn’t sure if he was knitting with his flamenco arms. Bruno said it was out of this world and a Paso Doble in alien form! Craig said he was stamping around like a 3 year old and that his hand shaping was peculiar.


The Flash Reverend and Dianne’s scores:

Craig: 2

Darcey: 4

Shirley: 4

Bruno: 4

Total: 14


Current leaderboard queen Debbie and Giovanni are next with their quickstep to ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off’ from Shall We Dance…let’s hope there’s no need to!


I think it’s safe to say Debbie is fast turning into a contender based on this dance! Has proper Fred and Ginger pizzazz to it!

Our score: 8. To-may-toes, to-mah-toes, whatever way you look at it: brilliant!


Shirley said she had nice scatter chasses, and that she needs to imagine she’s a beautiful swan. Bruno said he loved the classic Hollywood style and that Debbie got it spot on! Craig said she broke a ten second rule out of hold and that he has to mark her down. Darcey said the quality of her moves are effortless.


The judges have their scores for Debbie and Giovanni:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 7

Bruno: 8

Total: 29


Time now for Brian and Amy. They’re hoping to avoid the dance off again with an American smooth inspired by The Wizard of Oz


Loving Amy’s red shoes! A surprise improvement from Brian this week. He definitely suits this dance the most compared to previous weeks. A good scarecrow too!

Our score: 6. He’ll be following the Yellow Brick Road to a much higher score!


Bruno said if they cast for the scarecrow, Brian would get the part, but that he has to be more expressive in his body. Craig said he wanted to see more ballroom and drive in his heel leads but it’s an improvement from last week. Darcey said his musicality and timing was good but to challenge himself with lifts. Shirley said his character and musicality was good and that he came back strong from the dance off.


Brian and Amy’s scores are in:

Craig: 5

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 6

Bruno: 6

Total: 22


Gemma and Aljaz are taking us to another Disney classic with a Charleston from The Jungle Book – will we wanna be like them after this dance…?


Aljaz looks more koala bear than Baloo the bear! This really suits Gemma and Aljaz, it’s fun and energetic, lots of good Charleston content!

Our score: 7. Gave us the bear necessities and more!


Craig said it lacked a basic Charleston swivel but that overall it was brilliant. Darcey said her frame and timing of the lifts was perfect. Shirley said congratulations on an amazing and entertaining routine and she was surprised by the energy. Bruno said he wants to take them home and that they were adorable and that it had jazz elements in it.


Here come Gemma and Aljaz’s scores:

Craig: 7

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 31


Seven more dances left to come. Also hoping to make a strong comeback with a Top Gun inspired tango it’s Charlotte and Brendan…


Now this is more like it from Charlotte. She’s got the attack and energy of the tango down perfectly. She looks amazing too!

Our score: 7. Charlotte’s not in danger of entering the danger zone. She’s got her mojo back!


Darcey said there was a clear difference in improvement this week but that her transitions need to be clear. Shirley said it was a little bit better than last week but that she needed to lose the rise and fall – although Brendan is begging to differ that there was any. Bruno said there were still too many mistakes. Craig said Charlotte did amazingly well but needs to work on her hold.


Charlotte and Brendan’s scores are in:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 4

Bruno: 4

Total: 17


Jonnie and Oti are up next with an Indiana Jones flavoured Paso Doble…will they be raiders of the lost ballroom?


Wow. A lot of attack and conviction but almost I hate to say this at the expense of the footwork. Good Paso arms though which make up for that.

Our score: 7. Not his best dance but enough to break even at the box office!


Shirley was impressed and praised Oti’s choreography but suggested for Jonnie to work on his hip line. Bruno said Indiana Jonnie could take him anywhere! Craig said it was a bit square and that it lacked body shaping but a brilliant job. Darcey said his full routine had amazing concentration.


The judges have their scores for Jonnie and Oti:

Craig: 6

Darcey: 6

Shirley: 7

Bruno: 7

Total: 26


Now this we’re looking forward to…Susan and Kevin are next with the first Samba of the series…dancing for her rights in her Wonder Woman satin tights!


WONDER WOMAAAANNN! Such fun and energy from Susan here! A true leading lady with plenty of entertainment!

Our score: 7. A performance worthy of Lynda Carter in 1977!


Bruno said he was spinning and that she was in charge throughout! Craig’s laughing (!) and said that it was a lot of fun but that it missed a bit of bounce required. Darcey said she had to straighten her back leg but she gave 100% performance. Shirley said she covered four timings out of nine in her Samba and that it had great commitment!


Susan and Kevin’s scores are in:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 5

Shirley: 5

Bruno: 6

Total: 20


Joe and Katya are next with a Dr Zhivago inspired Viennese waltz…will it be what the doctor ordered?


Beautiful like a falling snowflake in Russian winter! This dance is playing to Joe’s strengths as he is very light on his feet which always helps in a dance like this!

Our score: 7. Joe and Katya beautifully captured the romance and grace of this dance.


Craig said it got the thumbs up from him! Darcey praised how traditional it was! Shirley also praised it and that the tempo was well executed. Bruno said it was close to the book as possible with plenty of storytelling!


Here comes Joe and Katya’s scores:

Craig: 8

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 8

Total: 32


Aston and Janette are next with their Trolls inspired Cha Cha Cha. Will they be able to not stop the feeling of good will from the judges?


Brilliant almost comedic dance from Aston and Janette! Really suits their personalities and they really got into the character from the film too!

Our score: 9. I’ve got this feeling in my body that they’re set for greatness again!


Darcey said they’re made for each other and that she didn’t want the dance to stop. Shirley praised the improvement on his sickled feet and she praised Janette’s good mix of dance and content. Bruno said they were deliciously cartoonish and it was like watching HD 3D – pin sharp and clear. Craig said he was very good, daah-ling!


Aston and Janette’s scores are in:

Craig: 8

Darcey: 9

Shirley: 9

Bruno: 9

Total: 35 – and they are top of the leaderboard!


Alexandra and Gorka are next to dance. Will they have a ‘love-rley’ American smooth from My Fair Lady?


American smooth? East End delight from Alexandra I say. She’s got the theatricality of this dance down but her arm work isn’t quite there for me on this. Eliza Doolittle in both dance and character in that respect!

Our score: 7. Graceful but with some charming edges around the moves!


Shirley said she needs to concentrate on the details between regular foxtrot and American smooth moves. Bruno said she was flawless as a performer. Craig said her free arm needed a lot of work and the intention of it but said her hold work was gorgeous. Darcey said she understood the musicality week after week and really loves her, calling her one to watch!


Alexandra and Gorka’s scores are in:

Craig: 8

Darcey: 8

Shirley: 8

Bruno: 9

Total: 33


Closing the show tonight with a case of Saturday Night Fever for their Samba, it’s Davood and Nadiya…


Davood is king of the discotheque! Plenty of hip action and Latin feel to balance it out as well.

Our score: 8. He and Nadiya will be stayin’ alive in the competition for some time yet!


Bruno said Davood was a beast of fun with what looked like a ferret in his pants! Craig said his hip wiggles and gyrations were crowd pleasers but not necessarily Samba moves. Darcey said he doesn’t hold back but has to contain his enthusiasm a little. Shirley said he was much better than last week but he has to work on his posture.


Here are Davood and Nadiya’s scores:

Craig: 4

Darcey: 7

Shirley: 7

Bruno: 7

Total: 25


Well that’s all folks, as they say in Looney Tunes! A blockbuster of a show for Movie Week with plenty of award winners for us! We’ve voted for our favourites but have you?

We’ll see you here again tomorrow evening at 6:30pm for the warm up and then we go live again with the results show as another couple prepare to get sent to the director’s cutting room floor in the dance off. See you all then!


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