Tweet Hee Hee: Episode 1

Hello all! Hope you had a nice weekend! Now if there’s one thing I am always keen to do with my blog and with how I use social media, it’s to try and make the day a little brighter and bring a smile to other people’s faces, and use these wonderful tools of communication positively.

And especially on Mondays, and in the first few weeks of September, when all are back at school or work after a pretty amazing summer, and the weather’s decidedly grey and rainy, and there are terrible events going on in the world around us, we all need a little light relief and lifting.

Hence today, and the start of what I hope will be a weekly series of posts about the funny things I’ve encountered or got up to on social media to brighten up the start of your new week and make you chuckle. I’m calling it Tweet Hee Hee (yes I know. King of pun laden titles etc). So without further ado, let’s bring on the brand new LOLs for a brand new week…


First up this week, and in news that is only of interest to anyone born before 1990, Yellow Pages have announced that as of next year, they are ceasing publication of their printed telephone directories. 

For those of a certain age, Yellow Pages were basically Google in printed yellow book form for the 80s and 90s generation. They also had brilliant TV adverts like this:

Only two days prior to their announcement of this, I went on a bit of a rant as the latest copy of the directory appeared through our letterbox. Yes. Letterbox people. It’s that small now. The rant went as follows…

What then followed after this rant, from Thomson Local – the Dannii to the Yellow Pages’ Kylie, if you will – was this:

Needless to say (after being impressed by the roasting/alarming level of sass from Thomson Local’s Tweetsperson), my immediate thought was to reach out to Yellow Pages to see if they wanted to challenge this:

What then followed, on the Monday after I raised this challenge to them, was quite frankly, a pretty dire attempt to match it, of which I was not having a single bit of:

At which point, ‘Team Yell Dev’ (yes we’re calling them that now) upped their game significantly:

Interestingly, in all of this, we’ve not reached out to BT for their entry into this directory enquiries face off of banter. We may yet resolve that…


As a huge fan of the teatime quiz show Pointless, it’s safe to say I am quite the fan of its quiz master, Richard Osman. His Twitter account is probably one of the best I follow as he regularly provides many of the laughs in my day to day Tweeting. But he really raised the game last Friday with this one:

And again, some friendly banter/competition from Spotify themselves reared its head:

At which point I threw my hat in the ring:

And so did this person:

And then we all ended up on the Radio Times website quite by accident.

A fair amount of bucket list got ticked off, yes.


Q: What do you get when you take footage of Lesley Garrett, Maria Callas and other opera divas, with modem dial up sound effects ‘off the 90s’ dubbed over the top?


Encore! Bravo!


This kind of speaks for itself. 😹

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